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GRUPO RETIRO, a pioneering company and leader in Spain since 1996 in the formalisation of Real Estate Life Annuities, Sales of Bare Ownership, Reverse Mortgages and Sale & Leaseback for the Elderly, provides Real Estate and Financial Solutions for the Elderly.

Since 1996, when GRUPO RETIRO started its activity in Spain, many companies and professionals have joined forces with Grupo Retiro over the years to help the Elderly in their search for the best Real Estate and Financial Solutions.

The Collaboration Agreements do not imply any exclusivity or minimum or pre-established commitments for our Collaborators, being based simply on the mutual interest that the new business synergies generated may represent for the parties. As a Grupo Retiro Collaborator, you will give added value to your professional activity, and you will simply have to provide us with the references/contacts of those of your clients (both Elderly People and possible Buyers/Investors) who may be initially interested in receiving information about our products.

Grupo Retiro’s team of professionals will be in charge of the integral management of the operations without the need for you to carry out any formalities/management or commercial action with your clients, keeping you informed at all times of the status of the different files you have referred to us.

Advantages of collaborating with Grupo Retiro:

  • Have new products and services in your business/activity portfolio so that you can offer them to your clients.
  • Participate in the Elderly sector, which is considered to be one of the fastest-growing sectors in the coming years.
  • Considerably increase your current professional income.
  • Give a new social dimension to your work by helping the Elderly in your professional environment.
  • Give new business opportunities to your contacts, potential Buyers/Investors.

For more information, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with further information.

Also, if you consider it appropriate, fill in the attached form so that the Coordinator of the Commercial Department can contact you.